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Panasonic KX-DT346, KX-NT346, KX-DT346B with KX-DT390b, KX-NT346b with KX-NT305 & KX-TD7696

KX-TDA Supports a Wide Variety of Telephones.

Most KX-T, KX-DT, KX-NT, KX-DT & KX-WT series telephones will work with the Panasonic KX-TDA series IP PBX system simply because of its hybrid technology.

The current digital wired telephones are the KX-DT series. The current network (IP) telephones are the KX-NT series, and the current wireless phones for the TDA PBXs are the KX-TD & KX-WT series.

Our most popular selling telephones for the KX-TDA IP PBX (by far) come from the KX-DT300 Series.

KX-DT300 Series Telephone Features

Enjoy superb voice quality and a range of business-friendly features.

The KX-DT300 business telephone series from Panasonic features a sleek, modern design, outstanding voice quality and a wide range of productivity boosting features, such as Bluetooth enabled wireless headset support (Bluetooth headset sold separately). Panasonic KX-DT300 phones have large alphanumeric displays, programmable keys, an easy navigation key, and double tilt adjustment, which lets you independently adjust the angles of both the phone and display for maximum visibility.

Advanced integration made easy.

Each phone in the KX-DT300 family is designed to easily integrate with other Panasonic telephone platforms, allowing for easy access to the entire spectrum of phone features and applications. KX-DT300 series phones will work with systems such as the KX-NCP500/1000, the KX-TDE 100/200/600, and the KX-TDA50G.

How and Where to Purchase

All of the telephone mentioned above are sold only by Panasonic Certified Dealers. Depending on the model, they must be registered in order to work with the KX-TDA series IP PBX systems. Most features can only be activated by a Panasonic Certified Dealer in good standing. Panasonic will not activate these telephone for you. Only dealers who have successfully completed the KX-TDA Technical Training course, have a valid KX-TDA certification number and meet the yearly purchase requirements outlined by Panasonic can perform these tasks properly. To find Panasonic Certified Dealers worldwide or in your specific area go to Panasonic-America.com.


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